In-Store Kiosk

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Price (starting at)
Color Copies
$0.45 each
Duplicate Slide
$20.00 each
Irregular Passports
$29.99 each
Irregular Passports Additional
$9.99 each
Passport Photos
$14.99 each
Passport Photos Additional
$9.00 each
Regular Copies
$0.15 each

Our Prices

Price (starting at)
35mm, 110, & 126 ~ C-41 Color film
Develop + Prints $5.00 each
35mm, 110, & 126 ~ C-41 Color film
Develop Only $9.00 each
120 Develop & Prints
$7.00 each
120 Develop Only
$11.00 each
120 Print
$1.50 each
220 Develop & Prints
$8.00 each
220 Develop Only
$17.00 each
Advanced Photo System Process
$12.00 each
Black & White 120 Print
$1.50 each
Black & White Develop Only C-41
$16.00 each
Black & White Develope & Prints
$11.00 each
Push or Pull Processing
$6.00 each
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In-Store Kiosk

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